Why Al Mustafa ?

About Us

Al mustafa medical tourism is a delhi based centre specialising in providing Affordable medical care and treatment packages to global patients . It has tie ups with the best hospitals in delhi  possessors of latest technology. Al mustafa’s partner institutions promise to take healthcare to another level. Al mustafa along with these institutions has the aim of bringing to india the highest standards of medical care along with clinical research , education and training. All these institutions are located in the heart of our country that is delhi


Why Al Mustafa ?


Traveling to an alien country for treatment is a difficult decision for any patient. Lack of local knowledge, language problem, and cultural, social and economic differences can lead to a plethora of problems in a foreign land for patients and their relatives.

Keeping this mind, we, at Al Mustafa Healthcare, make our patients feel at home, while they are away from home.

Firstly, we make sure that the patients and their relatives feel safe and comfortable in India. Secondly, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our patients get the best treatment possible within their respective budgets. Based on patients’ treatment requirements and budgets, we suggest them the best hospitals and doctors, and help them throughout the process so that they can recover speedily and return happily to their homeland.

Why to choose us ?

Why Us
Why Us
Why Us

We are an organized institution, associated with all major hospitals. Because we guide you and help you pick the best hospital and doctor for your disease. Because we feel from deep within that you deserve the best treatment and care, without burning a hole in your pocket. Because for us it is way more than just about business – for us it is about knowing you, guiding you, helping you, and seeing to it that you go back home happy and healthy. We are

Medical Tourism Company in India

Some more reasons to have us as your companion in your treatment and recovery journey in India:

You choose your doctor and hospital

We share with you doctors’ opinions, treatment plans and cost estimations given by the top hospitals. You get to choose whom you’d like to go with.

You travel easy

From visa invitation letter to free  airport transfers, we manage it all.

Your family and friends stay in comfort.

If you’re coming with a companion or more, we arrange comfortable stays for them in guest houses and hotels.

See Incredible India

Whenever you or your companion will feel like seeing a bit of India, we’ll
arrange it. From booking a hotel room to local transport to sightseeing, we
help you explore India in all its glory.

Postoperative support

We’ll be in touch with you to facilitate the communication between you and your doctor.

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